1.1. aprs_status

IRLP node status reporting via APRS

Stations Matching IRLP-8648

KC6HURさんが作って下さった aprs_status Scriptsファイルを
KC6HUR's Node Builder's Site

This script intends to combine IRLP and APRS together, in the IPRS or
AVRS concept of APRS Author Bob Bruninga WB4APR.

See also http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/avrs.html

This script will transmit the current status of the node to the worldwide APRS-IS network.
This version 4.0 set of scripts was developed by KC6HUR and VE7LTD, from
3.0 set of scripts developed by KC6HUR and KF7FLY, from 2.x scripts
developed by ZL1AMW, which was based on version 1.x script by VK2XJG.

Note there is a significant change from ver 1 of this script. The
previous version sent station beacons with the callsign STNxxxx,
sunsequent versions send the status as an APRS object, with the node call
as the originator's callsign. The change means the data sent is from a
valid amateur callsign, so will pass through IGATES. Version 3 of this
script enhances the Internet operability by using timeouts on all
transactions, and will try connecting to all APRS-IS servers until one
that works is found. The entire aprs_status_tx.pl script was rewritten
to be more robust in it's handling of input parameters as well. Ver 4.0
completely does away with the aprs_status_tx.pl script which is replaced
with the netcat (nc) program, thus doing away with the need to have PERL
loaded on the node making use of aprs_status usable on the new embedded
IRLP nodes.
Version greater than 1 no longer support a local TNC or radio. All
communication is done via the Internet.